Coatings & Linings

With our Coatings & Linings Technologies, APS provides application of factory and site based specialist coatings and linings to the oil, gas, water and power industries.

With over three decades of experience in managing and controlling corrosion in some of the harshest and most critical production environments in the world we know how to tackle the engineering management and implementation of the best corrosion control systems to keep your facility on track.

Whether it be pipelines, process vessels, storage tanks, offshore structures, or chemical treatment areas; APS offers the most efficient and effective corrosion protection solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the industry and includes the application of the following specialized technology range:

  • Solvent Free Epoxy and Polyurethane Coating
  • Thermal Metal Spray -Zinc / Monel/ Aluminium/ Stainless Steel
  • Neoprene Cladding
  • Rubber Lining
  • Epoxy / Derakane Laminate Lining
  • Glassflake Reinforced Polyester / Vinyl Ester / Pure Epoxy Lining
  • In-Situ Pipelining
  • Fluoropolymer Sheet Lining

APS is associated with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance linings, coatings and fireproofing materials. Quality application of quality product technologies leads to lasting performance of your industry assets.

Solvent Free Epoxy and Polyurethane Coating

Plural component hot applied coating is the modern, fast, efficient and reliable method for the factory application of high performance materials to critical pipelines. Also favoured as a field rehabilitation and field joint coating system, because of its tough, abrasion resistant capabilities, pipe can be bedded and backfilled almost immediately after completion which is of vital importance to the timely completion of fabrication and rehabilitation projects.

APS offers a complete factory and field service for both new and existing pipelines.

Typical Applications:

  • External Buried Pipelines
  • External Buried Pipeline Field Joints
  • External Pipe Bends, Fittings, Valves
  • Directionally Drilled Pipe Strings

Thermal Metal Spray -Zinc / Monel/ Aluminium/ Stainless Steel

The electric arc and flame spray application of exotic metal coatings is rapidly becoming more and more popular world-wide for the long term protection of steel surfaces against extreme marine, high temperature and corrosive chemical environments, especially for areas where extended life to first maintenance is essential.

APS offers a complete factory and field installation service employing the most modern of techniques and equipment enabling rapid and economical production. Flame sprayed deposition represents one of the highest integrity coating systems available on the market today.

Typical Applications:

  • Splash-zone Area of Riser Pipes / Jacket Legs / Conductors
  • External Pipe Spools / Valves / Fittings / Bends
  • External Flare Booms
  • Internal Regeneration/Cooling/Absorber Columns

Neoprene Cladding

The highly vulnerable splash zone area with its continuous exposure to oxygenated seawater and wave action can easily strip conventional coatings from the surface of the steel, allowing high levels of corrosion to occur.

Neoprene cladding system is a tough elastomeric coating designed to withstand the adverse environmental conditions affecting structural splash zones and marine risers.

APS offers a complete factory installation service employing the most modern steam autoclaves required for vulcanisation. APS is proud of its extensive track record of protecting several thousand risers in all parts of the world so far.

Typical Applications:

  • Splash Zone Area Riser Pipes
  • Splash Zone Area Jacket Legs
  • Splash Zone Area Riser Clamps

Rubber Lining

APS installs an extensive range of hard and soft, pressure and atmospheric cured sheet elastomeric compounds, including: natural rubber, ebonite, chlorobutyl, polychloroprene and PVDF.

Rubber Linings Systems have a wide application usage in the water production, chemical production, storage and transportation industries and can be installed either at site or in our factory facility.

Typical Applications:

  • Internal Hydrochloric Acid Tanks
  • Internal Seawater Tanks
  • Internal HBO Acid Tanks

Epoxy / Derakane Laminate Lining

Pure epoxy resin and derakane laminate systems are the most successful way of protecting a substrate from an acidic environment, such as encountered in land and sea-borne hydrochloric acid storage and transportation tanks, crude oil storage tanks and chemical process and mixing equipment.

These linings can be both factory and field applied by APS qualified installers.

Typical Applications:

  • Internal Hydrochloric Acid Tanks
  • Internal Frac Tanks
  • Internal Deaerators

Glassflake Reinforced Polyester / Vinyl Ester / Pure Epoxy Lining

Glass flake coatings and linings are widely used in situations of extreme chemical and abrasion environments. Based on polyester, vinyl-ester or bisphenol or epoxy resins, heavily loaded with mica chip, they provide a tough and extremely durable barrier to even the most arduous of service conditions.

Typical Applications:

  • Internal Pipe Spools / Bends / Fittings / Valves
  • Internal Separator Vessels
  • Internal Seawater Intake Lines / Absorbers / Scrubbers

In-Situ Pipelining

Performed in-situ, pipeline segments as long as 25 kilometers can be cleaned and internally lined in an operation whereby only access to the ends of the pipeline segment is required. In-Situ Pipelining Systems are applied to stop further corrosion, and allows for the cost-ef­fective rehabilitation of existing (or new) pipelines exposed to high rates of corrosion, thereby considerably extending its service life.

Typical Applications:

  • On/Offshore Hydrocarbon & Produced Water Pipelines
  • Pipelines in Diameters from 4-inch to 24-inch
  • Difficult to Access Pipelines

Fluoropolymer Sheet Lining

Using fabric backed ­fluoropolymer sheet lining laminate, high temperature adhesives and specifically developed vacuum bonding, these systems are capable of operating at elevated temperatures under vacuum conditions.

Since their introduction more than 50 years ago, ­fluoropolymer have successfully competed with metals and other materials to provide protection against corrosion in chemical processing and other demanding environments.

Typical Applications:

  • Equipment Operating at High Temperatures under Vacuum Conditions
  • Pipework Operating at High Temperatures under Vacuum Conditions
  • Road Transport Vessel, ISO Tank Containers and Distillation/Fractioning Columns