Pipeline Rehabilitation

With our Pipeline Rehabilitation Technologies, APS is able to provide turnkey service to our customers in the pipeline industry. Our goal is not just to provide excellence, but also apply, through three decades of experience, the right blend of technical and commercial benefits for each given scenario we encounter. This is achieved by providing the most comprehensive range of pipeline investigation, repair and rehabilitation technology services that can be found throughout the Middle East and Asian markets. These capabilities include the following:

  • Pipeline Cleaning / CCTV Surveys / Patch Repair
  • HDPE Compression Fit Lining - CFL
  • Hydrocarbon Resistant Polymer Compression Fit Lining - CFL
  • PVDF Reinforced Close-Fit lining: InFieldLiner - IFL
  • Cured In Place Lining (CIPP)
  • HDPE Loose-Fit Lining
  • GRP Structural Lining: Channeline
  • UPVC Spiral Wound Lining: Danby Panel Lok

These trenchless technologies permit renewal by rehabilitating the existing infrastructure without protracted construction works and modification of the cityscape. It also allows the expansion and maintenance of existing infrastructure systems without excavation. These trenchless technologies guarantee a faster, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution compared to replacement.

Supporting these innovative technologies, APS is backed up by the unrivalled expertise and experience of our Pipeline Rehabilitation Engineering and Operations Teams enabling us to carry out a complete range from pipeline engineering through investigations, surveys cleaning and mapping to material selection, specification writing and implementation and installation of repair and rehabilitation technologies.

Pipeline Cleaning / CCTV Surveys / Patch Repair

Cleaning of pipelines as a pre-cursor to inspection, as preparation for relining or simply to improve flow by removing slit build up or obstructions, APS can assess and select the right cleaning device for the job followed by the actual cleaning of drain and sewer pipes, using high capacity combination jetting/vacuum units, drag scraping, rack feed boring and other tools.

APS uses computerized condition assessment techniques using explosion proof remotely operated camera equipment and is capable of reaching up to 350 meters for the CCTV inspection of pipework in the 50 to 1200 mm range.

APS installs the full range of internal repairs for leaking joints and cracks using inflatable packers in small diameter pipes ranging from 150 to 500 mm diameter and using resin impregnated sealing sleeves for man entry pipes from 500mm up to 4000mm diameter with pressure range of up to 20 bars.

HDPE Compression Fit Lining - CFL

Under the technology type Compression Fit Liner, APS provides engineering and installation of tight fit HDPE structural and thin walled liners by die reduction, for the ultimate protection against internal pipeline corrosion and for the rapid and effective rehabilitation of corroded and leaking pipelines.

Based on decades old, proven lining methods coupled with the most modern plastic materials, many sizes and service conditions can be catered for.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Water Injection 150 - 900
Gas Distribution 150 - 900
Oil Flow Lines 150 - 900

Hydrocarbon Resistant Polymer Compression Fit Lining - CFL

In today's hydrocarbon industry operators are faced with increasingly aggressive environments, whereby high pressures, high temperatures, and presence of Water, H2S, CO2 and chlorides in the hydrocarbon fluid, cause severe corrosion to pipelines.

APS uses the same die-reduction technology for the close-fit installation of high temperature hydrocarbon resistant polymer liners like Polyamide, PVDF and PEEK to provide the ultimate protection against internal corrosion and effective rehabilitation of hydrocarbon carrying pipelines and tubular pipework

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Typical Size (in mm)
Sour Crude Oil 150 - 600
Sour Gas 150 - 600
Multiphase 150 - 600

PVDF Reinforced Close-Fit Lining: InFieldLiner - IFL

An IFL liner is a flexible Kevlar reinforced liner that can be installed in lengths of up to 5 kilometers in a single pulling operation. The usage of high specification materials within its construction provide the IFL system with a high resistance to a wide range of hydrocarbon media at elevated temperatures of up to 110°C and exceptional host pipe matching pressure retaining capability within its tight fit operating criteria.

The IFL system offers the subsea pipeline industry with a supremely viable, fast and economic preference when compared against the only other option of a new-lay pipeline replacement.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Offshore Oil/Gas 150 - 450
Offshore Multiphase 150 - 450
Offshore Water Injection 150 - 450

Cured In Place Lining (CIPP)

The installation of cured in place linings (CIPP) whereby a resin impregnated felt is introduced into and existing pipeline and thermally cured is mainly used for smaller diameter sewer, water and drainage pipelines.

The combination of short installation times and minimal effect on the environment and infrastructure offers a perfect and cost-effective alternative to conventional pipeline construction.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Storm Water 100 - 1200
Sewerage 100 - 1200
Industrial Sewerage 100 - 1200

HDPE Loose-Fit Lining

Loose-fit lining or slip-lining is one of the oldest methods for trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines. Slip-lining is used to repair leaks or restore structural stability to an existing pipeline. Slip-lining is completed by installing a smaller, carrier pipe into a larger host pipe.

The installation of HDPE structural loose fit liners is a method whereby reduction in flow capacity is permitted and is regarded as a simple and cost-effective way to renovate an existing pipeline.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Storm Water 200 - 1200
Sewerage 200 - 1200
Drinking Water 200 - 1200

GRP Structural Lining: Channeline

APS is manufacturing GRP Structural Lining Sections for renovation of large diameter man entry pipelines, under the brand name Channeline. The production method gives a remarkable stiff and strong panel section with a relatively thin wall. The custom made sections provide a precise fit to the size and shape of the existing pipeline. Channeline can be produced in any size and shape, and specializes in egg, box and ovoid shapes, maximizing the rehabilitated cross-sectional area, thereby optimizing the flow capacity. Recently a slip-lining version of Channeline is added to the technology range, allowing for non-man-entry and live flow installation, reducing installation costs both in time and elimination of over-pumping.

APS uses a network of Channeline licensees for distribution of our product throughout the world.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Sewerage 500 - No Limit
Storm Water 500 – No Limit
Industrial Sewerage 500 – No Limit

UPVC Spiral Wound Lining: Danby Panel Lok

APS is the licensed manufacturer of UPVC spiral wound liners for renovation of large diameter man entry pipelines, under the brand name Danby Panel Lok.

Danby enhances the pipes structural strength and restores hydraulic capacity and is easy to install through existing access chambers or manholes. APS uses a network of Danby Panel Lok licensees for distribution of our product throughout the world.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Type Nominal Size (in mm)
Sewerage 750 - No Limit
Storm Water 750 – No Limit
Industrial Sewerage 750 – No Limit