Markets Served

Oil & Gas Onshore

Object APS Solution
Internal Hydrocarbon Flow-lines Epoxy Lining/HDPE Close-Fit Lining / InField Liner
External Hydrocarbon Flow-lines (buried) Polyurethane / Epoxy Coating
Water Injection Pipelines Internal Glass Flake Epoxy lining / HDPE Close-Fit Lining
Field Joints External (buried) Polyurethane Coating
Fittings / Bends / Valves External Polyurethane / TSA / Epoxy
Fittings / Bends / Valves internal Vinyl Ester / Polyester / Epoxy Lining
Hydrochloric Acid / ISO / Frac tanks Derakane / Rubber Lining
Regeneration Vessel TSA
Blow-Down Vessel / Knock Out Drum Derakane / Vinyl Ester / Glass Flake
Gas Spheres Hydrocarbon Epoxy Intumescent PFP
De-methanizer Column External TSA
Steel Flare Booms External TSA

*For a tailor-made advice relative to the most suitable solution, please contact APS