Operational Excellence

APS currently executes projects in over 20 countries, covering the Middle East and Africa from our offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and our operations in South East Asia from our offices in Malaysia and Thailand.

Our principal factory for our Specialized Coatings and Linings Division is located in Dubai Investments Park Phase II, conveniently located near to the Abu Dhabi border. It houses a wide variety of modern, state of the art automatic and manual equipment for the surface preparation and application of specialist coatings and linings to pipelines and vessels. A significant section of these facilities is constantly climate controlled and can be used year round for the mixing and application of heat sensitive resins, but equally as important, caters for the general well- being of technical staff during the hot summer months.

Our rubber lining and neoprene cladding facilities, include the two largest steam pressure autoclaves available within the Middle East region, together with high temperature dry ovens for the curing of phenolic and other heat-cure lining systems. Additional automatic shot blasting machinery and vacuum recovery systems are also located in the rubber lining facility to enable the environmentally friendly pre-treatment and surface preparation of risers and pipe joints prior to surface treatment.

APS’ main manufacturing and facility yard for our Pipeline Rehabilitation Division is also located in Dubai Investments Park Phase II, which includes the manufacturing plant for Channeline Structural GRP Liner Sections. The yard is also our home-base for numerous of the state-of-the art equipment and machinery that is required for the in-field installation of a vast range of pipeline rehabilitation technologies.

APS is at the forefront of innovative corrosion engineering and contracting, creating enhanced efficiencies in all operational areas. As a regional market leader we take our ethical responsibilities extremely seriously. That’s why we are constantly pursuing operational excellence by the design, building and operating of our global facilities in ways that prevent harm to public health, environment and that also conserve energy, water and raw materials.